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  • Jan 2020

    SBG is created

  • Mar 2020

    First Event

  • Jun 2020

    LSESU Award Received

  • Summer 2020

    Preparing for big launch

  • 2020/21

    Many things to come


We serve a purpose not only to promote careers in the sports industry, but crucially to improve knowledge of the industry. We aim to constantly build awareness.

As well as the emerging markets in the $500 billion sports industry (and there are thousands of innovative projects), sport has a huge social role to play in developing character. As a result, the industry consistently shows itself to be able to improve mental health and improve gender equality, amongst other potentially life-changing benefits.

Therefore, our purpose is to provide initiatives (creativity is encouraged) that have a social mission, are market driven, or career driven, all within the bracket of increasing knowledge

Our Team We're all about teamwork.




Gabriel Lever Grecu

Head of External Relations

Emma Somos

Head of Social Responsibility


Oscar Rosenberg

Head of Marketing
Marketing Officer

Yasir Ahmed

Marketing Officer

Paul Chatry

Marketing Officer


Mahé Chikli

Head of Podcast


Amin Shafi

Head of Events

Dylan Balsara

Events Officer
Events Officer

Santiago Alinovi

Events Officer


Lalin Mahmuti

Head of Forum
Forum Officer

Louise Laffin

Forum Officer
Recruitment in September


Recruitment in September


Visa Letchumanan

Outreach Officer

Muhammad Haadi

Outreach Officer